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Some guys can barely handle one chick, and then some guys can’t get enough. I’ll be honest, I’ve never had a threesome, but I think I’ve got my wife just about talked into one. We are at the stage where she likes to talk about when we’re in the sack. Whispering into my ear, she tells me all about how she wants to watch me fuck her best friend while she watches. She switches up the details, but it usually involves her sitting on my face while her friend rides me, or me taking turns fucking them from behind, mixing their pussy juices together all over my cock, and then letting them suck it off. Have I mentioned my wife is a dirty little freak?

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SexArt is heavy on the solo masturbation and lesbian scenes. That is to be expected since the feminine form is objectively more pleasing to the artistic eye. But do not worry, you’ll also have plenty of hardcore straight porn as well. Sign up and enjoy!